Gotham Aftermath

Session Zero

Getting things started

In Session Zero, we spent a few hours getting the city and characters set up. Here’s a few things we worked out;

Mentored by the injured Tim Drake, Magpie is a stealth hero, crimefighter, and investigator much like the missing Batman. Magpie is a highly trained fighter, and has access to some of Batman’s old arsenal of gadgets.

Ex-inmate of Arkham Asylum, turned crimefighter. Porthos believes himself to be the actual embodiment of the character from the Three Musketeers. Porthos walks the streets of Gotham in vintage leather armour and carrying a French-style saber.

Places and Faces

Mayor Gibraltar

The Illuminetti Crime Family

Arkham Asylum


While on patrol, Magpie spotted a delivery van outside a warehouse. Two men were pulling sacks of something out of the warehouse and loading it into the van, while a third kept watch. In a small guard shed, a security guard could be seen slumped over his desk, unconscious or dead. Porthos was nearby, keeping an eye on things from a… er… pub.

The delivery men were finishing up, taking one last bag to the van. Porthos took up a position behind a car across the street, and then drew the attention of the three men by throwing his saber, lodging it into the bag that one of the men was carrying. Animal feed spilled out of the sack and onto the ground.

Overhead, Magpie swung from her perch on a neighbouring building. As she passed over their heads, she dropped a series of smoke bombs to obscure their vision. Despite this, the three men still produced pistols from inside their coveralls and began firing into the air.

The man keeping watch, much larger than the others, charged across the empty street and slid like Bo Duke across the hood of the car that Porthos had taken cover behind. Porthos stepped aside, cupped a hand on the back of the charging man’s head, and used inertia to slam the big man into the brick wall on the edge of the sidewalk. The man in coveralls crumpled to the concrete, out cold.

Magpie used the confusion to drop into the smoke that enveloped the loading dock. Guns fired aimlessly, and the costumed hero dodged, dipped, dove, ducked, and dodged in closer to the gunmen, finally taking them both out with a kick and a punch that was as strong as a kick.

Investigating the van, they found it to belong to Aspect Delivery, and the sacks were labeled as “feed for large bird species”.



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